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Thread: problem loading games from usb

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    problem loading games from usb

    I used the walkthrough for the 4.1 softmod and went ok but when I try to load games I get black screen but not all the time, if I reload sometimes the game runs should I get another usb loader and if so which is the best for my 4.1....also when I click on usb loader gx it takes awhile for it to go to the games and I have to reactivate the wii controller

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    Have u checked your usb device in the compatibility list linked below?

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    I have another wii at 4.2 that I softmodded a few months back and this HD worked
    flawlessly but with the wii 4.1 it loads the usb loader gx really slow, could I put the usb loader gx from the 4.2 guide to the wii sd for the 4.1.......


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    Sure. You can always change versions of loaders. If it works fine on another wii then more than likely it's a loader issue. Some versions are more stable than others.


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