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Thread: Region Issue (nonstandard)

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    Region Issue (nonstandard)

    Science papa is without color, this is a pal game I've loaded onto my NTSC wii, using USB loader GX/neogamma/CFG/Coverflow. I've seen this called the grey screen, but to be accurate it's just black and white. I know that's a region thing, I know Force NTSC should fix it, but nothing like that has worked yet. Now, I've tried everything I could find in my searches, and I've tried a number of just random options in every loader listed with no success thus far in getting color on the screen, so I come here hoping someone has a clue.

    I should probably also mention when I do get color from forcing NTSC, the screen just keeps flying up and down, although most options just result in the black and white screen, or that pure black screen we're all too familiar with.

    Anyway, I hope someone has an idea on how to fix this, and if so, thanks in advance. I hope this isn't some incredibly simple noob shit I somehow couldn't find after a billion searches.

    Oh, I've also tried using regionfrii with no success. While it says it's changed the file, WBFS manager still notes it as pal
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    This is very strange, forcing NTSC should work. If I remember correctly, USB Loader GX also has an option to patch vidtv or something like that, did you give that one a try?
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    Yeah, I tried every option I that was relevant on USB loader GX (my default), and like 4 other loaders I downloaded today. Neo, CFG USB loader, and cover flow. So patch vidtv, country strings, basically everything but changing IOS, or Alt.dol type things.


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