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Thread: Install usb loader on wii 4.1

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    Install usb loader on wii 4.1

    Hello everybody,
    I softmodded a wii from my friend. When i did the softmod it was version 3.4E Everthing worked perfect. Later his brother borrowd his wii and when it returns the firmware 4.1 was installed. The homebrewchannel, neogamma and all the stuff stil works. The only thing is that i dont know to install a wii usb loader on firmware 4.1. I guess that wii firmware 4.1 is the same as 4.0 (but there's just a fix for sport resorts)

    can somebody tell me if im right and maybe a link to a good usbloader tutiorial.
    Do i also have to install the truchabug?

    Greeds and thanx

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    The 4.1 update should have left the cIOS's in place and may just require later versions to be installed.
    CFG USB Loader is the most compatable Loader out there at the moment, but people have their favorites.
    SoftMod Essentials:- CFG USB Loader FAT32 --- Wii Game Manager


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