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Thread: USB loader not working anymore after update

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    USB loader not working anymore after update

    Please excuse me for being a total newb!!

    My son has a softmodded wii with USB loader gx on a SD card and an external hard drive for the games.

    He has just borrowed Super Mario Galaxy 2 off a friend. In order to play the game he performed a system update, now when he goes to homebrew channel and selects USB loader he just gets a black screen(and I get the tears!!!)

    Any ideas how to fix/reverse the update as I presume this has caused the problem??

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    Did he updated to firmware 4.3 ?
    If so then check the forums for fixes..
    But how comes that he updated.. it says all over the net.. ''DO NOT UPDATE '' :O

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    Once again - Why don't people make sure they have some sort of protection?
    Kids will be Kids and Accidents Happen
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