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Thread: selling my wii

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    selling my wii

    Yeah i know, im posting somewhat again... but it will just be this one post =\

    I gave up on my wii awhile ago... so now im looking to sell it

    my "pack"

    my wii, works perfectly... the eject button doesnt click but it works as if it does, so dont worry about it
    comes with a D2C disc drive, with a hard modded/soldered Wasabi V3 mod chip with firmware 1.4 (you can upgrade to 3.0) it loads anything no issue in my whole span
    all IOS's installed up to when i stoped using it
    several games installed
    soft modded 4.0 firmware NTSC/U, can play anything no issue at all =3
    comes with my saves, you can delete im really too lazy to edit it lol

    it also comes with

    2 wii motes
    1 nunchuck
    1 classic controller
    2 wii wheels
    1 motion bar
    1 wii stand
    1 motion bar stand
    1 4 gig sd card (it has all my programs on it already installed)

    Some side information...

    this is the actual wii i used while i was a Super Moderator on this forum, and has everything I saw needed as of 6 or so months ago when i last used it!

    also if youre trying to get into wii modding this is the system for you, Basically everything needed to play games up to a year ago MINIMAL will work (sorry i really havent touched it in a while and dont plan on reading a ton of articles to find out what exactly is needed now that im missing) really you dont need to read much with this unit either...

    the modchip is installed, so just stick a disc in and play (burned or normal, no region matter)
    it is set to block updates so there is nothing to worry about there for the most part =P
    it has 4.0 firmware (which can play channels from the SD card) and if i can find my exact one should have 8+ pages of games installed so you wont have to do much thinking!
    it has all the IOS's needed at the time so 99% of the games out there should work
    it has all the programs needed at the time to fix any error like 002
    it has all the programs i used already installed so if you want to install new ones you can just look at my files though all the important ones are already there!
    it is soft modded so if you want to go via USB you can do that
    really its just ready to go, and you shouldn't experience any problems!

    I also have for sale a D2C unused wii disc drive complete

    if youre interested in either please message me on a messenger

    AIM: victorinox111
    YIM: ^

    Hope to hear from someone =3! and i would like to sell these items asap... my phone died so im kinda screwed at work till i replace it Y_Y
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