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Thread: Wii games on modified machine

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    Wii games on modified machine

    Hi there,

    I purchased my modified (Japanese) Wii in China. I am not sure how it was modified.

    I'm trying to play an original PAL game on it but it's not working. In the Wii menu the game's icon appears in the top left corner, I can click on that icon and it appears, but when launching the game nothing happens. The screen goes black and the game doesn't load.

    The copied games that I bought with the Wii machine work fine.

    I'm not sure what to do, can anyone help? A guide suggested I give as much detail about how my Wii was modified, I basically have no idea. Sorry. Hope someone can help anyway!!

    Thanks a lot.

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    try starting the game via gecko os
    wiiflow 2.2, wiiMC, hbc, gcn backup launcher 0.2, priiloader rev78, bootmii/boot2


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