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Thread: Why do some games not work?

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    Why do some games not work?

    Hi guys,

    I have a softmodded wii, have usbloader, aswell as cfg loader, some games I've tried end up freezing, I'm in Canada so my wii is NTSC. Games that have frozen on me are: Wario Land: Shake It, Prince Of Persia Forgotten Sands, & Dragonball Z Budokai 3..

    Is there a way to make the games work?

    Appreciate your feedback & help:]

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    For POP check out the link in my signature. "Game's won't load", there is a guide for that game.There is also Info in the second post about other game issues.
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    First off, Welcome to Wiihacks. First time posters should post Here, where you will be provided with some great links to guide you along your journey. Some games require "special attention". Click the link in my sig for more on that.
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