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Thread: wii games in black and white and forcing ntsc still doesn't work

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    wii games in black and white and forcing ntsc still doesn't work

    so what's wrong..? edit
    i tried all the force settings and they all dont work and it's annoying becuase i gotta get up and reset my wii every time my screen goes green.
    the game is in PAL and i tried all the force options like i said so what could it be
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    First we need more info about what game (maybe its a problematic one)

    Then we need to know what loaders you are using....

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    Are you sure it's a PAL game? Try NTSC.

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    I have tons of games some pal some ntsc and I use AutoPatch as the default video setting in LoaderGX and it works every time!

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    from which region is your wii? what are you using to boot the game?

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    Out of region games are not guaranteed to work on your Wii. If you tried every setting in the loader to get the game working, and it still don't work, then delete the game. You may want to try ripping an original retail disc, works every time.

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    i'm not sure what region my wii is from i got it off somebody that lives here (US). i'm bad with all this region edit and stuff so i dunno
    and so far it's been two games. mario party 8 and big brain academy.
    they were both downloaded in PAL
    and i'm trying to load games with neogamma r8, like i said i did try all the different settings so i dunno what could be up?
    i've also tried gecko os but that didn't work
    the game isn't only in black and white though it's also slightly fuzzy and over sized and falls out the tv screen.
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    You failed to read what I posted above?

    Here is a quote from WiiPower.
    Region free gaming:

    Most if not all games from other regions should work, the only known problem is that about 50% of them only run the in the video modes of the region the game is from.

    Requirements to get import games working:
    - Use the video mode from the region of the game, in SoftChip and NeoGamma it's disc region video mode
    - Some games require that you force the language that is used in the game(example japanese for japanese games...)
    - Some games require to enable the option „Contry String patching“ (in for example NeoGamma or SoftChip)

    If the game works with this, but in black and white and/or with jumping screen, it's working. If you search for help somewhere mention this!!!

    How to fix color issues:
    Get NeoGamma, and try the different Force Video mode options and patch video mode options. Note that it does only work for about 50% of the games that result in a green screen freeze when started with the wrong video mode.

    PS: Most region patchers are epic failures, and cause more trouble to get the game(s) to work than unpatched


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