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Thread: Trouble Mounting USB and using Ocarina

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    Trouble Mounting USB and using Ocarina

    Ok, I'd like to state that my USB is in my 0 port and it works 100% fine with neogamma and wiiFlow (neither fully support Ocarina). However, I want Ocarina to work so I can "cheat" on a couple games. The problem is that whenever i launch Ocarina or Gecko, both tell me No DVD...If i try USB Launcher GX it tells me No USB Device Detected....and If I try to install the Homebrew Browser, it says Unable to Mount USB. and then after downloading and extracting the files, homebrew browser says Can Not Open, Aborting.

    I can't help but think it's related...I've restarted the wii and switched the ports many times and as I said, it works GREAT with WiiFlow and Neogamma.. Any ideas?

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