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Thread: no access to anything, but priiloader installed..

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    no access to anything, but priiloader installed..


    I'll try to be brief to save time to you guys!

    I had a 4.2U first hardmoded with wiikey, then I softmodded it. Installed HBC, PriiLoader 0.2 rev 30, all worked fine since November 2009. Yesterday I came on, I know my cousins have been using the wii and I don't know if they installed any update (though I blocked online updates and discs updates from priiloader). Now, the wiimote won't connect and I can't access anything else than priiloader menu. Fact is that when I press reset/eject buttons, I think it should make me navigate in the priiloader menu, but it doesn't!

    I have no access, because sync between wiimote and wii is impossible (tried everything on this one, unplug, press both sync buttons, hold the buttons 15s, etc)

    Anyone got a clue?

    thanks for your help

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    As for cause, not sure. As for likely solution, time to break out a GC controller.

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    I hope it works! I'm going to borrow one from a friend..

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    thanks for the hint, it was easy... I just connected the gc controller, pressed A to open system menu, then the wiimotes could all be connected again. I really don't understand why they wouldn't before on the priiloader screen, but it did work!

    Thanks again!

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    Maybe your WiiMotes aren't synced?


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