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Thread: Wii Remote Disconnects on HBC

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    Wii Remote Disconnects on HBC

    Hi All,

    Hope one of you guys can help . I've been running HBC sucessfully for about three weeks with no problems. But about two days ago after playing Alice in Wonderland from WiiFlow, I saved my game and my wii froze. I hard resetted my Wii then went into HBC using my wii mote in 1 person, then my 1st person controller disconnected and my 2nd person controller connected. I tried to reconnect my 1st person remote and it wouldn't connect. So I gave up and used my 2nd wii mote to get into WiiFlow from HBC. Once WiiFlow loaded, 2nd wii mote stays connected but I can't select anything. I've tried syncing them, checked batteries, literally everything. Also, removed Alice in Wonderland from my external to see if that probably was the issue but didn't do much. I have no idea what is going on. Thanks in advance for all the help =)

    Btw, I don't know if this makes much of a difference but both remotes are Nintendo. Thanks again!! =))

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    I've had similar issues. Try unplugging your wii for a couple of seconds.

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    Thanks for your reply! I've done that ever since it started doing this. But it seems like it doesn't stop the controllers from disconnecting. It's so weird how it switches from the first controller to the second one on the HBC menu.

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