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Thread: Wii updated to 4.3 half way through a softmod

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    Wii updated to 4.3 half way through a softmod

    My wii was on fw 4.2 and I decide to soft mod it. But I got stuck half way through, when I got to the step were u Install the neo gamma channel my wii kept on freezing and the the remote stopped working I was using iso249 each time this happen. So I stopped trying and left it whilst I read up to see what the problem was. Iread another post were this was happening and the user fixed it by using iso250 so when I got home
    today iwas going to try this but in the meantime my younger bro had update the wii the new fw 4.3
    my question is would any of the fixes for 4.3 work for me or is my wii still classed as a vigin as I didn't finish modding it
    any replies apreciated

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    That sounds like an unsuccessful cIOS installation. If you in fact hadn't managed to install especially IOS 250, you're out of luck. You would be required to own either SSBB USA version or Lego Indiana Jones USA version, as it'd be required to follow this attempt at softmodding. No cIOS previous to this = don't bother.

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    Thanks nightstah I think I will just wait until the new softmod for 4.3 comes out

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