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Thread: Question about modding an old 360

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    Question about modding an old 360

    i was thinking about upgrading my current xbox to one of the new ones and modding my old launch day 20GB 360. anyway ive read a lot on the subject and it appears that the only way to do it is to flash the drive using a SATA port on a pc. since i only have a laptop and a Hp touchsmart PC (set up pretty much the same was as a laptop) this isnt really an option for me. i was wondering if there is a chip or something else i could buy(prefer sodderless) to avoid this step or am i pretty much stuck looking for an older PC?

    Edit: with some research i found out i can use a PCMIA VIA card with VIA VT6421 Chipset to flash the drive now i just need to know exactly what tools i need to do all this i hate a lite-on drive. any chance someone could help me out with that?
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    First if you have an old dash xbox 360 you might be able to Jtagg it
    jtagging has the most features and can download dlc for free

    Modding a lite-on is one of the hardest
    Xecuter CK3 Probe V2 for Liteon 74850 83850 93450 (No-Solder Addon) - Team Xecuter - $17.99
    your going to need a probe you can buy one or make one
    The easiest way would be to check craigslist to see if theres any local modders
    and ask them a bunch of questions to see if there legit

    personally i will never try to mod another drive (i lost the drive key and now it plays dvds).


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