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Thread: Getting Rid of Homebrew "Everything"

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    Getting Rid of Homebrew "Everything"

    I had installed homebrew on my wii a couple of months ago. I installed it on a 4.2 version of the wii and now there is a 4.3 version. I want to update to the 4.3 version so I deleted the homebrew channel from the wii channel settings. The channel is physically gone, but I still want to know if its is still safe to update my wii, don't want it to brick?

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    1) According to the site rules, first post must have a "hello world" content.
    2) The search function is your friend.
    3) Using the same search function, you can see that 4.3 is yet another attempt from Nintendo to remove homebrew. There's no reason to update.

    I didn't mean to sound rude, but rules are rules, and a proper search answers 95% of common questions.

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    Why do you want to update? System menu 4.3 offers no new or useful features and cannot currently be soft-modded from a factory state.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Don't update there's no reason also if u want to play a new wii game that needs a new version umm darn what was the name of the app?... anyway theres a homebrew app that lets u play games without the update so there is no reason at all just re-install the chanel with the boot.dol and find the program i think it was called start patch? mabey


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