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Thread: black and white screen on wii sports resort

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    black and white screen on wii sports resort

    Hi ive got the wii sports resort game ntfs working on my 4.1e softmod wii using neogamma beta 23,my tv is a hdtv.
    The thing i dont understand is that ive put it on a friends 4.0e wii and her tv is a old philips and is a pal tv oo,ive gor everything on region free and the settings have been changed to force pal on neogamma as the game is ntfs but its still black and white,ive changed the region settings to pal but i then get a green screen,where am i going wrong on her tv,wii settings as it works on my wii?
    Ive read the tut on this site but it still doesnt work on my friends wii.

    Thanks alot for help.

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    Try setting Neogamma to default, and upon loading the game go to settings and force pal on the individual game.
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    it sounds like a problem with the PAL settings
    Naughty link was here.

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    thanks for that guys but now the wii reboots after i try to watch the video and i got the latest neogamma beta 23 on my friends wii now,shall i try the alt.dol file? ive tried changing the settings in neogamma but its not worked.


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