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Thread: Wasabi chips? hARD MODing

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    Wasabi chips? hARD MODing

    Hi guys, have read a lot of tutorials and watched a lot of them on youtube too, Ive ordered a wasabi DX chip (no solder, easy plug and play) and I am running wii 3.1E.

    I think I have all my bases covered and just want to check, as soon as I have opened up my wii, plugged in the chip and close it back up, as soon as I turn on my wii again (with chip installed) my wii will be able to play back ups of wii and gamecube games, without having to alter any software and without ANY softmodding?

    I just want to check.
    I HAVE searched around the site and this seems to be the answer Im getting but I just want to check, and I realise its very noob of me and thats why I posted here.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    The least you could do is to install BootMii as Boot2, seeing since your Wii is at 3.1, it is capable of BootMii as Boot2. That will get you out of just about any brick.

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    Thank you, I will certainly take a back up with bootmii to cover my back.

    But with the chip installed will my burnt games just work immediatley with no extra fuss and no need for any homebrew software of anything like that?

    Just physically install the chip and play?
    I just wanna be sure

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    ttt? ttt
    any help?

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    Well being on a 3.1 will mean your IOS will be outdated and so because of that some of the newer Wii games will require you to update before they can run.

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    I can update with the super mario galaxy 2/ new super mario bros disk right? (sorry i forgot which it is that has 4.1 or 4.2)

    but my question is, will it play games without any homebrew software?

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    Also, any reason I shouldnt upgrade to 4.1 or 4.2 to play the new games with, Im sure new super mario bros has the 4.1 update ON the disk.

    As long as I dont upgrade to 4.3 (which cripples any ability to play burnt disks and all homebrew) i should be fine with this chip right?


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