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Thread: Creating a Mii without having to update to 4.3

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    Us Creating a Mii without having to update to 4.3

    Hey guys, just got my wii yesterday and got it modded everything good to go i wanted to play my copy of wii resort and be able to save but i have to create a mii first. So i go to the Mii Channel and it says i have to update to 4.3 to use it. Any ideas on any installs or back doors to getting a mii saved to my wii without the update? Thanks,

    Fyi im runnin 4.2u

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    As far as I know the Mii channel wasn't updated. I just checked and mine works fine. You connected to the net? Do you have Priiloader?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    okay ya i clicked the check out the mii channel and it started to download it but while it was downloading it asked to update but i clicked cancel and it still downloaded it. it was on the second page thats why i didnt see it thank you.


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