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Thread: Few Questions From A Noob

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    Question Few Questions From A Noob

    Hello everyone.

    I have a PAL Wii with the serial number LEH13565914. According to Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker:
    • Drive chip is most likely GC2-D2C
    • Drive pins are most likely not cut

    My question is, what chip would you suggest I purchase. I was thinking perhaps the WiiKey 2 or the Wasabi chip.

    Furthermore could somebody please explain to me what the purpose of The Homebrew Channel is? What advantage does installing it give?

    Any help or comment is really appricaiated.

    Thanks guys.
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    You can't go wrong with either the Wasabi V3 or Wiikey 2. I have a Wasabi V3 in my Wii (soldered, no clip) and it works perfectly with no problems at all. I have a D2C2 drive. Everyone around here who has experience with the Wiikey 2 says it's a great chip too. I only bought the Wasabi V3 because the Wasabi chips have been around longer than the Wiikey 2 and it's been tried and tested to be rock solid, so I went with experience. The Wiikey 2 is $10 (USD) cheaper than the Wasabi V3, so maybe that will be the deciding factor for you. Also, if you have never installed a mod chip before, do yourself a favor and order a clip with the chip. I am an experienced mod chip installer so soldering in my own chip was no problem for me, but I don't recommend soldering your own Wii chip if you've never soldered anything before, especially on the D2C/D2C2 drives because there are some very small solder points which cannot be accidentally bridged.

    The homebrew channel acts as a front end for installing WAD files and other homebrew apps to your Wii quickly and easily via SD card. You will need it if you ever want to install your own downloaded WiiWare or Virtual Console (VC) games, or use ftpii, or use any other homebrew apps on your Wii.

    FYI, if you haven't updated your Wii console to the new 3.3 firmware, DON'T! You will lose some homebrew/hacking functionality. You can update via one of the modified firmware packages which can be found here in the forums. Do a search for IOS51 Shop Installer to find out more.
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    the wasabi v3 is definitely a great solution and considered the most stable. the wiikey2 has gained a lot of popularity in a short time though. To be honest either choice you will be happy
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    Exclamation D2sun

    i have a D2SUN and thats witchout updating begaus je dont need more than a wiiclip to instal it and you can torn it on or off when you want witch te on and off switch that get witch it


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