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Thread: Help with Error/Other course

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    Help with Error/Other course

    Before reading anything i'd like to apologize to anyone who has made a guide/tutorial on WiiHacks, i've read through most but in the past two days i've read through probably over 100 tutorials/guides and my head is about to esplode. And i did use the search tool to see if i could find an answer but there is always something different in the persons case such as Wii update 4.1

    Anyhow, basically i've been trying to play Tales of Graces (A Japanese game i have burned to a DVD), i have a 4.2 Wii. I've got the Homebrew Channel. I've been trying to get NeoGamma so i could play it, to no avail i had to backup and use New Trucha Bug (Or something like that...) but i keep getting Error 2011.

    My first question is, is there a faster more simpler program/channel to download to allow me to play Graces as thats all i care about...if not then i'd love some help getting by this error. >< I've seen many a many remedies and tried a few but nothing worked.

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    You looked in the "error index" in the guides section and tried the solution?
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    Well it says to use Trucha Bug to fix that...but Trucha Bug isn't working for me. =/

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    Do step 3 of shadowsonic2's Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii Guide.
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    Thankyou! That was a simple and easy fix to my problem!
    Though now after clicking the NeoGamma channel my screen goes black and nothing is happening. But i can hopefully find a solution for that somewhere, unless someone is willing to tell me here. =]

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    The step I suggested is also what the error index tells you to do (Basically) so try reading that if you get an error next time. It shouldn't have any effect on neogamma. Unless you did something else in dop-mii that you weren't supposed to.
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    Nope, i only did what it told me to do...i've been searching around but haven't found a fix for it yet.

    Is there a better program than NeoGamma?

    Also i have NeoGamma R8 Beta 3 if that means anything.

    So after trying a different NeoGamma i come to the same conclusion but just before it goes black i do get a glimpse of a small red box that says Loading or something like that, then the screen goes black, controller disconnects, and im forced to hold down the power button to turn the Wii off.
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    Anybody got a clue?


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