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Thread: Don't update to system menu 4.3 !!!

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    Exclamation Don't update to system menu 4.3 !!!

    You should not update your wii to sys menu 4.3 as there is nothing in it for you and also, it will remove all your softmods, possibly brick your wii, and prevent you from installing HBC again as it blocks the JODI ticket and the HAXX ticket. If it bricks your wii, you will have no brick solution and you are screwed. So if N keeps telling you to update, don't. Also, you can turn on parental controls to make it harder for family to update.

    Waninkoko's safe 4.3 updater is out, but I'd still say don't update.
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    yes someone with 1% of a brain would know NOT to update ANY hacked system with OFW. PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, DS, DSI, DSIxl DS3D eta. also priiloader and other like programs can be installed.

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    Um, you guys are a little late on this warning --- stickied thread on this subject matter can be found here.

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