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Thread: Just Got A Wii But ..

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    Just Got A Wii But ..

    hey guys just got myself a korean wii and the system version is 4.1 U . in addition it has neogamme r6 and r7 installed. along with the hbc ..

    1. are all the games currently compatible with neogamma r7 ? i require only an SD card to load/install stuff on the wii or can i do through a normal pendrive ?

    3.if i however do plan to install any thing later on how do i go about it ? for example if i want to install neogamma r8 do i put it on the pendrive then put it on wii and im ready to go ?

    4.if i download a backup put it on a pendrive and load it on the wii with neogamma im i good to go ? .. do i need wbfs manager or can i just transfer on pen drive and play ?

    5.i want to try putting the following on wii which is brick prevention and skipping disc updates. is there a specific version to download . or can ijust put it on the korean wii

    sorry for the inconvienience but im a bad noob

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    1. pretty much 2. either or 3. read about homebrew channel and wad manager 4. wbfs manager and a usb loader 5. priiloader


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