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Thread: Channels/forwarders i install give me the black screen. (Except for HBC of course)

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    Channels/forwarders i install give me the black screen. (Except for HBC of course)

    I was on 3.0U when I started soft-modding my wii. And because it was my first time and had not come yet to the WiiHacks forum, I had many mistakes when i did. Although I was able to get the basics to work such as HBC and playing from a HDD i could not get forwarders or installed channels to work such as the USB GX forwarder and MXplayer Channel (The channels/forwarders would just restart the wii). And so after a lot of thought I revirginized my wii from the guide by dogeggs so that i could softmodd it correctly (Note: when i revirginized my wii instead of the online 4.1 updater by waninkoko i used the offline method by one of the guides in this forum). Once I did, I used the guide "New 3.1-4.1 soft-mod for any wii" to soft-mod my wii. Although it seemed like everything worked, I still got the same problem. But now instead of the wii just restarting itself whenever i started one of my installed channels/forwarders it now gives me the black screen making me have to force-shutdown the wii. I have searched high and low but could not find a solution for my problem, any help would be much appreciated.

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    SysCheck 1.6.rar

    Can you post a SysCheck?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Nevermind i figured out the problem. I was just missing IOS 35 in my wii


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