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Thread: wii remote quits syncing with the wii when i run any cIOS id rly appreciate some help

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    wii remote quits syncing with the wii when i run any cIOS id rly appreciate some help

    first off i have 4.2 and im new to softmoding my wii. i have torrent experience and emulators and stuff so the initial installation was easy, i didnt have any problems installing the homebrew channel or putting apps on it i have n64 games running and all that jazz. the problem came when i decided i was gona use my flash drive to run wii games. i put a wii game on my flash drive after converting it to wbfs and all went smooth. i put ciosx rev 19 on my sd card along with usb loader gx. i figured it be simple, run ciosx, install usb loader, and id be golden but there is a problem when i try and run cios after i click the a button the first time when it ask you if you want to proced my wiimote un-syncs. the light at the bottom flashes a few times then turns off so i tried an application similar to cios and it did the same thing. so i tried re-syncing it b4 running cios and after, neither worked i tried a gc controller and that didnt do nething. i even instaled any deleter and tried to delete ios249 but it said i couldnt delete it or something. so now im stuck bc it seems like no matter what i do my wiimote is gona freeze when trying to install any type of cios and its pretty disappointing getting this far and staying up till 4 in the morning even tho i have to work tomorrow (lol) and still not getting this thing to work. so if anyone has any input or a solution i would greatly appreciate it. and im sry if i did nething wrong like put this in the wrong place bc this is my first post besides my post in the im new to wiihacks section =P

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    follow shadows 4.2 need to fakesign ios36 to install cios=ios249

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    that was a rly quick response =) once i find his guide ill try it and hopefully everything goes smoothly

    wut i think ima end up doing is just saving all the apps i have on my computer then deleting homebrew and restrating following shadows guide so ill have to do that tomorrow and hopefully after im done with his guide ill be playin my games of my usb...hopefully =P
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