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Thread: Getting USb HDD to run homebrew apps without sd card

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    Getting USb HDD to run homebrew apps without sd card

    Just want to say excellent site..

    I have searched high and low to find the answer to run my toshiba ph3100 usb hdd without the sd card in my wii. Can someone please explain to me the steps or send me to a site...please help... Thank You.

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    you need a fat32 partition .....put the stuff you have on sd.....on the fat32partition the hbc should pick it up if it doesnt in hbc press 1 and select uSb device...(if you have cover etc for you loader you gona have to change custom paths to usb)

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    I don't recommend going sd-less as a lot of homebrew apps and emulators will only function on the sd card. that said a fat32 partition on your hard drive is a good idea.

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    how do u change custom paths for usb
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    I have a fat32 on my harddrive. when i press 1 on hbc it only gives my the sd option not usb.. Please help.


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