WAD Manager mod that can (un)install multiple WADs at a time.

Waninkoko's Wad Manager with various mods and safety checks.

A continuation of Leathls Wad Manager Multi Mod, which itself included enhancements by Sorg and wiiNinja

-Hold +/- for 2 seconds to select all items in a directory.
-Supports Hermes v4/v5 cIOS. Mainly useful if 202 works best for your HDD/SDHC card.
-More detailed failed report after batch un/installs.
-IOS selector no longer crashes all the time.
-Will not uninstall The System Menu, EULA, rgsel, or their IOSs.
-Gives a warning when uninstalling the HBCs IOS.

r25 Added info for SM 4.3.
r24 Added /dev/usb/usb123

Source:yawmm - Project Hosting on Google Code
Download:YAWMM R25