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Thread: Wii Motion Plus Continually Loses Sync

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    Wii Motion Plus Continually Loses Sync

    Hey all, I just bought 2 new Wii Motion Plus but having a problem with losing sync.

    I am using firmware 3.4, with CFB USB loader v57b7. I followed the appropriate steps to enable the viewing of the wii motion plus videos by changing the .dol to player.dol and then switching back to the default .dol to load up my games.

    I have tried playing both Wii Sports Resort and Red Steel 2 without success. The games load and play fine, however after 30-120 seconds of gameplay, the remote sort of freezes/loses sync. There is no pop-up window saying please reconnect the wii motion plus or anything, the wii just seems to not respond to movements in the remote!! If I press buttons on either the remote or nunchuck, it responds fine, it is just movement of the remote and toggling of the joystick on the nunchuck that gives no response.

    The problem is temporarily remidied by removing the wii motion plus for a fraction of a second and then reconnecting it. But loses sync again after another 30-120 seconds. I have not read anyone else with this problem. If I use the wii motion plus with a game that does not use the wii motion sensor, the game plays fine and never loses sync with the wii. The nunchuck also never loses sync/freezes up on me.

    This happens with both brand new devices, so I'm either very unlucky or its a software issue. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks

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    I've never had this problem but when my wiimote flakes out I reconnect it using the red buttons next to the sd slot and in the battery area of the wiimote. this usually helps when something drifts out of sync.

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    I tried syncing with that button, but no difference. The wiimote is definately syncd fine with the wii, because I can play other games fine with the same hardware, i.e. wiimote + motion plus + nunchuck.

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    Is it an orignal Motion Plus or a after market?

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    I'm not sure what an after market is, but I bought it on Ebay and it is meant to be Official Nintendo hardware. It came with the Nintendo manuals/instructions etc.

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    Doesn't mean a thing, quite possibly a knock off and/or defective.

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    Same problem

    I followed the red steel 2 tutorial as well and updated IOS 53. The games run fine for about the same amount of time and then lose connectivity. If I keep pushing buttons, they will reconnect for a short period of time. I bought my motion plus at Walmart, so I know it is not a knock-off. This only happens on motion plus games for me as well. Any others having this problem? Any remedies?

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    You mentioned you bought your motion+ off of eBay -- there's a good chance they're knock-offs; especially if the seller is located in HK.

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    yeah i think you guys are right. I bought one from EB games on the weekend, and it works 100% fine. must be dodgy ebay seller!

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    same problem

    I will try to take mine back to Walmart for an exchange.

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