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Thread: upgraded to 4.3E to try solve softmod issues with 3.4E

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    upgraded to 4.3E to try solve softmod issues with 3.4E

    Hi,i have a wii updated to 4.3E at the moment,it was 3.4E before but it wouldnt let me run the whole trucherbug downgrade softmod so like a fool i updated my unmoded wii,i did however make a nand backup of the 3.4E before i upgraded just incase it went higher than the 4.1 i was after.if i install my nand backup to 3.4E can anyone tell me how to get the softmod to work(installs HMB just fine its just the trucher downgrade that wont work) or an alternative method of upgrading to 4.o/4.1 on which i know trucher softmod works? thanx in advance..........plz help

    p.s. i have softmodded 4 or 5 wii's to date(all higher than 3.4E) its just this one thats giving me a major headache,thanx again

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    That wasn't the smartest move, guy. All our 4.3 information can be found here so far. Users are really discouraged from posting to that thread, unless some insight or thing previously unknown has been found. There are options there, I suggest you have a look.

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    4.3 Came out yesterday. There is a guide on downgrading to 4.1 at the moment thanks to mauifrog but since it's so new the guide for hacking a 4.3 is in the works.

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