Hey guys -

I apologize in advance if this has already been answered somewhere else. I did a thorough search and either this hasn't been covered, or I just couldn't come up with the right search terms.

Anyhow. . .

I just bought 3 new nunchucks to round out my 4 wiimotes. I have the original nunchuck that came with my Wii (I think. . .one of my original ones got chewed up by a dog - either way, it was a first gen nintendo licensed nunchuck) and 3 new ones I recently purchased from the amazon marketplace as "OEM" but claim and appear to be manufactured by Nintendo. (they were packaged like the wiimotes that come in the box with the wii)

I noticed that when I start up USB Loader GX with one of my new nunchucks attached to my wiimote, the cursor becomes unbearably laggy. However, if I simply unplug and re-plug-in the nunchuck, the issue goes away and the nunchuck operates perfectly.

First off, I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue. If so, is there a fix? I know it's minor, but it's annoying and it pisses me off since my original nunchuck doesn't have this problem. . .

Secondly, is there an easy way to tell if the nunchucks I purchased are actual Nintendo products? I can't seem to find any "Nintendo" branding on the nunchucks anywhere. . . if these aren't Nintendo brand nunchucks, I can blame the problem on the hardware and get a refund since they were sold as first party products.

Thanks in advance for any help!