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Thread: Trucha Bug Restorer 1.13 by WiiPower

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    Trucha Bug Restorer 1.13 by WiiPower

    IMPORTANT: Trucha Bug Restorer 1.13 is only capable of installing patched IOS up to system menu 4.2 or if you already(still) have an IOS that ignores signatures or has the trucha bug

    The purpose of Trucha Bug Restorer is to get IOS with the trucha bug on all Wiis with system menu up to 4.2. Usually the error codes -1017 and -2011 indicate that the trucha bug is required and missing.

    Trucha Bug Restorer restores the Trucha bug to IOS36 and IOS37 on a Wii with no the bug present. It works by downgrading IOS15, then using the downgraded IOS15 to patch and install IOS36 with Trucha Bug, ES_Identify (ES_DiVerify), NAND Permissions Patch and version check patch (or any combination of the four), then uses IOS36 to upgrade IOS15 again. This downgraded IOS15 works fine for TBR, but may not work for other things. It is perfectly safe and functional on all Wiis.

    These patched versions of IOS36 and IOS37 can be installed into other slots, to prevent them being overwritten by updates, or to allow them to co-exist with original unpatched versions of those IOS.

    CHANGELOG v1.13
    - added proper error messages when trying to downgrade IOS15
    - updated to the IOS versions of the 4.3 update (TBR can't downgrade IOS15 using one of those)

    Source:We Brew Wii
    Download:TBR 1.13

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    So just so i understand, i used the lastest trucha bug restorer and got the 1017 error message and something about es_title... couldn't revision to 0 etc, etc...does this mean I cant downgrade to ios15?


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