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Thread: Toy story 3 - Update 4.2E - Usb loader not working

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    Toy story 3 - Update 4.2E - Usb loader not working

    So I got home from the stores with Toy Story 3, my 2 year old puts it in and off he goes like normal.. I go to back it up later to stop him from scratching it and what do I know... Usb loader isn't working.

    It turns out that Toy story had an update which updated my system firmware to 4.2E. I believe my homebrew firmware was 4.2 and was working fine before TS3.

    I don't know too much about homebrew or usb loader or anything so please excuse my ignorance if this has been covered a million times already.

    Can it be repaired, and if so HELP! My son loves the wii but letting him scratch all the discs isn't really a viable option.

    Oh I have read the threads regarding 4.3 system update, I pressume 4.2E is different
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    Resoftmod using one of the 4.2 guides. Install priiloader this time to stop the updates.
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    Thanks mate, as it was a new game I was a bit concerned it ninja'd 4.3 components in the update


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