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Thread: BootMii --> blue screen

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    BootMii --> blue screen

    Hello everyone!


    BootMii loads, but If i click either 'Wii' or 'Home brew channel' it will start blue screen of death...

    Is there anything I can do... Aside from yelling at the Wii and pointing at it. So far this has not resulted in any positive results.

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    Have you tried reinstalling bootmii with the hackmii installer? Don't ask how please, it is covered in all of our softmod guides.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    It is a bsod even when I have no SD card in the Wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by globalnomad View Post

    It is a bsod even when I have no SD card in the Wii.
    EDIT: Did you not just say that it only does that when launching HBC or the Wii Menu??
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    Ah I am not getting any signal from my Wii to my TV. At all...

    All I can do is load BootMii from the SD Card

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    I get bsod when I boot with no SD card...

    If I start the Wii with the SD card in, if I run 'Wii' or 'Homebrew'... I get bsod

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    Power up normal (with or without USB HD)= Blue screen

    Power up with SD card gives options:
    Go into Wii Menu or Homebrew = Blue screen
    Try to reinstall BootMii = file not found
    Try to put NAND back on Wii - tells me does not match Wii (i'mreally sure it's my NAND - I think)

    Additional info:
    Was a 3.1; used the hack any wii instructions from this site; went Waninkoko's 3.2 then 4.1; worked great for long time then this happened. ( kids may have o.k.ed an update - maybe - ???)
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