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Thread: Korea Wii 4.2K to 4.1U reset to virgin?

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    Korea Wii 4.2K to 4.1U reset to virgin?

    I had a Wii 4.2K ori was modded to 4.1U by the shop.I'm a totally very new to Wii system & need some help from you all Wii experts in this forum.
    Here my questions:-
    1.If I need to reset to my Wii to the ori 4.2K Korea system factory default(virgin).What are the steps I need to follow,any threads for me to refer?
    2.For my case,my system menu shown 4.1U(4.2K ori).I saw there is a thread ,should I follow the 3.1-4.1 guide or 4.2 guide?
    3.Will you call my Wii system downgraded to 4.1U?Or you call it region changed only?
    4.Why it is modded to 4.1U & not 4.2U?

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    Anybody can help???


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