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Thread: Questions about NOT updating to 4.3.

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    Questions about NOT updating to 4.3.

    Let's say I was to never update to 4.3 and decide to leave it at 4.2 even after there are fixes...

    1. Would I be able to play games online?
    2. Would all future released games work fine still?
    3. Any disadvantages I should know about?

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    We don't know anything about 4.3 yet, except that it will destroy modding as we currently know it.
    It has been discussed over and over and you were also told in the other thread that games do not depend on system menu versions to run.
    Noone has issues playing games online.
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    Let me ask you something. You had just interjected yourself into a MH3 server thread with an off-topic and silly response. Have you bothered to introduce yourself in the Introductions Section of the site, like we ask our new users to do? If you follow a wiihacks softmod, install Priiloader and enable hacks for online and disc updates. It'll never present itself. Games aren't IOS-dependent, this has been said 1,000 times. WHY do you think they introduced 4.2 or 4.3? There's no improved functionality. This has been covered up and down all over the site, especially on 4.2 and now on 4.3

    BTW: there's a sticky in the newbie section about "Why my Thread is Closed" --- worth a read.

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    As odd has stated you have already gotten an answer to your question.


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