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Thread: Monster Hunter Online...where is everyone?

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    Monster Hunter Online...where is everyone?

    Hi, I'm trying to play a quest online with my gf who has a legit copy of monster hunter tri...I have a modded version. She can see 1000's of people online playing, but i see MAYBE 100...and we can't find each other in rooms. AND we can't search for each other.. Can modded users only play other modded users??

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    Don't take me too seriously, since I'm new to the modding thing. But maybe she's updated to 4.3 and you're still on 4.2? Either way, DON'T UPDATE.

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    Listen, first you thread-jacked an old thread and your post was moderated and the thread was closed. Second, there's a lot of information on this title --- like for example, to be on the same server as other users, you must use the same region game. A US version will show users on US servers, not European ones and vice versa. So you'd need the same region disc as another user to see them.


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