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Thread: Reading Contents of an ISO

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    Smile Reading Contents of an ISO

    Hey everyone, I've been working hours on end on a little project I've been doing.

    The ultimate goal is that I'm trying to use Riivolution to replace music in TMNT: Smash Up.

    Now the thing is, in order to replace the music files, I need to know where everything is and what everything is called. The problem is, I'm having a lot of difficulty seeing what is in the actual ISO file. I've tried Wii Scrubber but I'm not sure if that's the right program to be using.

    Can someone tell me how to view the contents of the ISO? If anyone can give me any insight on what to do I'll be truly grateful.

    Thanks guys. (I hope this is the right place to put this thread - I believe it is)

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    I know that at the moment I am working with wiiscrubber and using it to swap the .dol text files in a Japanese game. As far as I know its just a matter of knowing where to look, since nothing is labeled for ease of use in the ISO.

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    Well, whenever I'm using Wii Scrubber, I just see a bunch of stuff about partitions. I wish there was some guide or something which shows how to view all the contents of the ISO.

    I'm not looking to physically change anything with the actual ISO. I plan on using Riivolution for that.

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