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Thread: wii brick blocker

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    Priiloader is what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marketpantry View Post
    is there a wiibrick blocker specifically for the 4.2? ive seen it for other versions but not specifically for 4.2
    Bootmii as Boot2, and priiloader. If your Bootmii is IOS then priiloader is all you get. Install priiloader if you havent already and enable all the update ones and the region ones and you should be good, just dont do anything stupid like uninstall an ios under 200 or install a bad WAD. Be safe

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    Ya, use priiloader. Brickblocker is a PC App and system menu doesn't have any effect on its use...just for clarification.
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    if i use wii brick blocker there isnt a chance i can still brick my wii right?

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    Use priiloader, there are guides on the installation process. Forget brickblocker.
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    thanks. yeah thats what i meant.


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