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Thread: 4.3U Is it true?

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    4.3U Is it true?

    Ive read two posts in the last min in the wii hacking forum that they upgraded accidently and got 4.3U sys menu. Cant wait to see the response on this one

    IT IS TRUE!!!! Check it out

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    Could be, it is overdue, but there is no info on it yet as it is far too early to tell what it does and what can be done about it.
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    Its real and I heard MH3 is going to block wii's that are not 4.3.

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    For the 63,435th time: games are not System Menu-dependent, they are IOS-dependent. If you'd see our MH3 guide, it would likely be of benefit to you. On the 4.3 subject itself (which as stated, has nothing to do with this or any game), look here. That is more of a "read only" thread, as it's unlikely (no offense) that you may have something contributory towards a solution to the 4.3 softmod issue.


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