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Thread: Constant Game freezes, Please help

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    Constant Game freezes, Please help

    Hey I recently applied the softmod to my Wii using the homebrew channel, but i've run into game freezing issues. Anytime I start a game within 3 minutes of playing it freezes at the same point for each game. I've tried 3 different usbloaders as I am running the games off an external harddrive I formatted to the WBFS format. I am using CIOS249, (REV19), but I've tried installing the others to use IOS222, and 223. So far I've had little luck and still experience freezing issues can someone tell me if I have done something commonly wrong as I've searched everywhere, but can't seem to find an answer. My wii is also at version 4.2U

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    Try to load it from a usb stick or sd-card
    and try another iso
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    maybe u softmode it incorrectly or there could be something wrong with the iso


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