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Thread: A few short questions, no actual thread title

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    Question A few short questions, no actual thread title

    Hello everyone,

    Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed information, through the guides, tut's, and generous advice previously given.

    Preamble: I purchased my new Black Wii (4.2E) and installed softmod with USBLoader GX and have been enjoying it - alot.

    Questions: However many guides, tutorials etc I search through there are three questions I can't seem to find a concise answer for. I have genuinely searched Wiihacks with as many word combinations I can but the results always yield very little. I apologise if the answers are obvious - or already posted in a FAQ - if that's the case please direct me to where I can retrieve the answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Question 1: After soft-modding my Wii, is there any known danger in inserting/playing a genuine Nintendo Wii game disc when I have the hack "NO updates from disc" enabled?

    Question 2: Can I safely setup my Nintendo wi-fi connection and shop for VC games, channels, wiiware etc as normal (i.e. download, install)?

    Question 3: Can I safely use my Nintendo wi-fi connection to play back-up games online. E.G: Playing Mario Kart through USB in online competitions. I know a variation of this question has been asked in the FAQ, but none directly answer this question I have encountered.

    Thank you for your patience and generosity in helping me out. As a first-time modder, I could never have done this without your help - so thanks for giving me the confidence

    -- Sara

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    I can only answer the first question, as I too am very new to this stuff.

    With the priiloader set to not receive disk updates you can play any big -N- title of your choosing. That setting stops the game from installing anything that may harm your altered Wii. It is never recommended to turn off that setting unless you are trying to unbrick your Wii. But at that point I would only follow the advice of the Grandmasters of Unbricking. You guys know who you are, and thanks for all the hardwork and effort so that people like me can enjoy this thing to its full potential.

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    3.Yes..its impossible for nintendo to know how you are loading the game lol Just dont cheat or you ll get banned

    If you have priiloader with block disc updates and online updates hack enabled your safe...from updating from nintendo

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    1. no
    2. yes
    3. yes

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    good questions dude, answered a few for myself


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