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Thread: Cfg USB loader...

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    Cfg USB loader...

    Hey Guys, I just followed the 4.2 tutorial found here:

    I have gotten so far, that Cfg USB Loader was able to auto-update, get all titles, covers, etc. I can see the images/covers on my usb drive in Cfg USB Loader, however.. when I go to LOAD one of them, it says "loading.." and then sits there forever.. (then I have to power cycle) any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.. I tried searching for an answer on here, as I've found 99% of my questions so far that way, but I couldn't find a similar problem.. forgive me if I over looked, and please point me to that thread to review..

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    Well, weird, I think I figured it out.. I had 2 different HD kits around, and it appears this one will display the list of games, but wont launch.. the other one works fine.. so that must be the answer.. thanks!


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