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Thread: HELPPP replacing wii laser

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    HELPPP replacing wii laser

    so im going insane now

    anyways i had a wii laser die so i tried to replace my working one into the dead one
    was for a customer

    anyways it wouldn't work then tryed to put back in mine wouldn't work either

    so i figured maybe i scratched it

    anyways i have since order 3 more and i was 100 percent careful not to scratch it
    and iv tried all 3 lasers on my working drive AND I CAN NOT GET ANY TO WORK!!!!

    all i get is a clicking sound like its trying to read 3 times but the disc wont spin

    so my questions is there some sort of secret to replacing a laser like slide the laser up to the top or slide to the middle when replacing or something. i dont know

    all i know is it should not be this hard i be careful when talking everything apart i do not pinch any cables or anything and i swap the lenses but all i ever get is the clicking sound i can not get it to read to start the spinning of the disc?????

    and my last questions is i do not see a read laser light up when trying the 3 clicking sound (usually there is a red laser light that i can see threw the disc ) should i see the read laser when trying to read or does the disc read first then spin then the red laser kicks on ??????

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    I'm waiting on a laser myself to be delivered so I'm glad you asked this question. I just looked here and watch this guy do it. There is a trick to it after all. There are two solder points that protect the laser from static needs to be removed.


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