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Thread: NeoGamma R9 Problems...

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    NeoGamma R9 Problems...

    Im trying to run NeoGamma R9 and using Mario Kart backup and this is my list of problems

    -Screen is unstable bouncing all over the place (usually goes from the top to bottom then repeats)

    -Is there a needed Boot. file needed to play backup games. i keep getting an error saying boot cannot be found

    I have looked through the forums and i cannot find anything. Can someone please direct me if there is one.

    I followed this guide to soft mod my wii which does not have the D2-3 reader 9 got it 3 months after release)
    and at the bottom of the page i used the gamecube backup which wont work ether just freezes

    The wii is a NTSC
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    is your wii NTSC or Pal? which one is your game? im useing a backup disk copy of mario Kart with NeoGamma R9 Final and it works just fine


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