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Thread: hellp how to install .wad

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    Exclamation hellp how to install .wad

    i am looking to install wads i have tryd wad manager and gives me a error i have tryd wad installer 2.1 and try to load it in me home channel and i dont see it there can any buddy help wii ver 3.2u

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    What wad are you installing? Try checking the integrity of the wad, it might be a defective one. Also, try installing other wads to see if the problem is your system/software or just the wad.
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    i am trying to install interet.wad i have try about 15 diferent wad's none work
    i have also tryd downloadong WAD-Installer_v2.1 i put it in my apps path on my sd and it will not show up in my home channel

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    Go to your SD card folder and go to apps, create a new folder named wad installer 2.1 in apps folder. Then copy the .elf or .dol file you got for wad installer and rename it as boot.dol or boot.elf (depending on the file type). The application should now show up and work in homebrew channel.
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    i just remeberd to chage to boot.dol talk about a brain fart

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    Lol, no problem. Happens to the best of us
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    OMG *suprised face* You just cut someone some slack :O lol


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