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Thread: Want to install options on hacked Korean 4.1U system

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    Want to install options on hacked Korean 4.1U system

    Hi all,
    I'm new in the wii console, problem is i bought it before i read about it (big mistake). anyways after reading the beginners guides here i still have some concerns. My wii turned to be a Korean with a region changed to US system 4.1U. i know that it was written more than once as a warning never to upgrade this online. ok i won't but i don't have anything installed apart from Neogamma. i need to install shop channel with Wad Manager/USB Loader/Internet Channelmedia player. is that all possible with this hacked console? or i would get semi-brick/brick.


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    Go right ahead and install those channels. The only thing you must avoid is accepting a Nintendo official update.

    None of those channels you mentioned are region keyed and none actually require SM 4.2 to operate.

    There is a guide on Wiihacks to help you install the Shopping channel as that one requires an update IOS61, which would normally require you to also install 4.2 which you do not want, ever.
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