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Thread: Sending low level bricked wii to nintendo?

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    Sending low level bricked wii to nintendo?

    I was trying to install something, can't recall what, than after I installed it, the program told me to reboot my wii. I did so, than just a black screen. All that happens when I turn my wii on is that the dvd drive makes a wirring noise, and lights up, but just a black screen. Could I send my wii to nintendo for repair? I know I'll have to pay because it's way past it's warranty, but will they know I softmodded it?

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    if you installed priiloader I would try booting that first, by holding down power and reset to turn on your system. if you knew what you installed it might help.

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    If you have bootmii installed as boot2 you may be able to fix it yourself. Does your blue drive light flash 2 times when you power on? As mentioned above it would help if you gave more info on what you did.
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    New Nintendo Wii 4.2 Softmodding Guide I followed that guide. Now though, I realized why I bricked it. I was actually on 4.0 I think =\. Well, anyways, would I still be able to get my wii replaced if I sent it to nintendo? I know it won't be free because the warranty is expired.


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