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Thread: Download WiiWare Wads directly to Wii

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    Download WiiWare Wads directly to Wii

    Is there an application that allows you to download WiiWare wads directly to the Wii? or at least a modified HBB or another repository?
    It seems weird that I haven't been able to find something like this.

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    No and its not weird. An app like that will never be made due to copyright issues.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    If you go buy one of them 2000 point Nintendo WiiWare/DSiWare cards from your favorite retailer, Nintendo will let you download WiiWare to your Wii right from the Nintendo Store, it will install to your Wii and you will have an official channel for the game right on your dashboard.

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    as far as the piracy argument, i dont think many people are really worried about that. i just thought there might be such a program. I am familiar with it on the iphone, with installous, and hosts like appscene. I realize they have more numbers than we do, but anyway.

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