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Thread: max sd card 2g?

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    max sd card 2g?

    I read that the max SD card for the Wii is 2g. I'd like to use one bigger, any suggestions?

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    According to This article, the Wii can use a 4GB card with a workaround.

    According to boards, the Transcend 4GB 150X Secure Digital Model# TS4GSD150 works as well without the workaround.

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    Thanks HybridKid, that's very helpful information and I'm sure it will be very handy when they release the feature of loading directly off the SD card.

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    So do you still need to find a NON-SDHC 4GB SDCard?

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    It's funny how SD readers and SDHC cards don't like working nice together.

    Ironically enough, some laptops have card readers that were sold as SD and then when they got a Vista update "magically" supported SDHC...

    To be honest, it's super-rare to get a 4GB non-SDHC card since they started selling SDHC ones almost right after they put them out.

    In any case, that article seems to imply that the Wii can't deal with more than 2GB of free space on the card, but it makes no sense since the system would still have to recognize the full amount of space on the card to properly access anything... it sounds almost as if it were deliberate...


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