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Thread: Newbie Downgrade mistake, please help

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    Newbie Downgrade mistake, please help

    I accidently used Dop-mod and downgraded an ios, now when i go to play a game from regular disc it asks to update, i found a guide to get around that, but will my wii be ok or should i find a way to update it again, in the settings it says i still have 4.2U. any help or comments would be a great help, thank you

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    what ios did you downgrade

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    im not sure, it let me play newer games before, now it asks to update, i went into recovery and took that off so i can boot discs though, im also missing ios222-228, i was trying to install usb loader gx when this happened, i cant get that to recongnize the flash drive, i dont know how to enable it under flash or even which ios to do it under

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    All I can say is WOW on the fail here... how in the world did you manage to screw up an IOS, and remove most of your cIOS? Somebody needs to um, really digest whatever they're reading.

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    i just bought the thing today i got a lot to work, just cant figure out those 2 things, dont respond if you have nothing useful to say

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    You really haven't given much to go on. You say you used DOP-Mii and screwed up your Wii. Don't use DOP-Mii no more, apparently it is not noob friendly, you're not the first to do such a thing with that application.

    Are you able to post an IOS report? So we can see the state your Wii is in. Have a look here if you don't know how -

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    i think i have it figured out, i just started over and redid the cios222 installer, now just trying to get usb loader gx to work, i formated a flash drive, and working on extracting a file to see if it works


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