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Thread: CoverFloader Won't Install Games

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    Question CoverFloader Won't Install Games

    Hey everyone, I have been working on using CoverFloader to backup my games. I installed the Forwarder so that I don't have to mess with opening it with the HBC, but my problem occurs no matter what method I use to open it. When I click the '+' symbol in the bottom corner of the screen to install a game sometimes the Wii just locks up and other times it throws an Exception! (DSI) Occurred, and then gives me a list of code. I have tried several games and followed several tutorials, I installed IOS38-64-v3610.wad with cIOS38rev17 fyi. As well I am using System Menu Firmware 4.1U. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

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    What format is the drive your trying to Rip to? Have you tried a different loader? (CFG, WiiFlow)
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    I formatted my USB drive using WBFS Manager 3.0, do those other loaders rip disks from the wii without producing the great 4.7GB ISOs?

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    Any loader that rips to WBFS will scrub the game for you. So yes they will make the ISO size smaller as well. I suggest trying a different loader to rule out that being your problem.
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    Okay, I tried using WiiFlow and I was able to rip the game onto my flash drive, but I made the mistake of getting excited... What I'm getting at is there is now a new error. I get a black or blue screen that reads Game Error: 002 Press the eject button... Hold down the power button... reset the system.... owners manual... blah blah blah... Could this be a problem with the cIOS? Should I try installing it again? Note: I ripped it with WiiFlow but tried running it with both WiiFlow and CoverFloader and got the same errors.

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    Turn on 002 error fix in your loader. Or use CFG or Neogamma to play the games ( Updated versions. NOT old versions)
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    I want to say thanks for all your help so far, but I regret saying that I enabled the 002 game fix and now it just gives me that error without the error 002 ^_^ I just love hacking. Again thanks for the help so far, I hope we can resolve my issue...

    [EDIT] Scratch that I used CFG and it worked great! Thank you so much for your help Rep++ ^_^
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    If you are using older loaders try a very recent revision of neogamma or CFG they both have that error built in. If no luck after that then try reinstalling cIOS38 Rev 17.
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