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Thread: Difference onf Soft and hard mod.

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    Difference onf Soft and hard mod.

    I know what they are, soft meaning installing and hard is actually messing with the Wii, but my question is,

    how are the actual games played??
    on the softmod are they saved on the wii? or and a separate drive??
    and the hardmod? do they only play off burned discs?
    do burned discs play of soft mods?
    just all the little questions in curious about.

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    1) softmod or hard mod can be disc or hd loaded.
    2) hd or disc, saved games states store to wii memory
    3) Wode uses hd or disc
    4) They can depending on the what drive the wii has installed.

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    If your Wii was manufactured from about Nov. 2009 to current date, then it may not be capable of backup discs, only Wii retail game discs will work. These newer Wii's have a D2-3 DVD drive installed in them, which will not read backup discs or movie discs.
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